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    I don't sell anything in my collection. Objectives are to learn about different brands and models of old film cameras, and get some exercise wandering around taking pictures. Cameras are bought at auctions and thrift shops from $5 up. Most still work fine, and I fixed a few with minor issues. To save money I shoot and develop the cheapest black and white film (in coffee) and digitize everything myself. These pages are written with Pluma, a Linux text editor. The 35mm pics are all scanned with a Wolverine F2D 20 scanner I bought for $15 on Craigslist. The camera pics are all taken by my Sony DSC-H7 digital camera (found in a camera bag), with a $10 copy stand from Facebook Marketplace.

    Many of these cameras were hand-made, carefully chosen and expensive to buy. They were used to record the best moments of people's lives, taken on trips to exotic locations. After buying a newer model most sat on shelves for decades until their owner passed on, and were donated (dumped) at Goodwill. (almost) Nobody else wants the ones I have, but they bring me great joy. I treat them like the treasure they are, zip-lock bagging each with a dessiccant pack. They all get used, as time and film budget allow. I keep logs of each shoot and all the work done on them, and it all ends up on this site so you can appreciate these fine machines. This also keeps me busy during retirement.
    Newest pics are at the bottom of each camera page.

    7-3-24: Just posted pics from the Canon TX (no 2) and the Pentax P3N. Now starting the next pair with a Ricoh KR5 Super II shooting the first 18 exposures. Then I rewind and continue the roll in a new (to me) Minolta SRT-202 which should arrive in a couple of days. Just arrived cameras always top the shooting schedule. Otherwise I shoot them roughly in order based on last shoot date. It's been about a year since the oldest were used. The quality of the pictures is going up, as I learn more. The key is being systematic about everything. Any change in routine, or chemistry or temperature introduces problems. I just bought another Yashica, the model 107. I put in a minimal bid and nobody else wanted it. It's the bottom of the line. The prices for old cameras continues to skyrocket. I keep meaning to stop collecting more, but it's difficult to pass up the few good deals left.
    Disclaimer: I'm not an expert, everything I write here is just my opinion. Do not do what I do, or accept anything I write as fact. I'm not responsible for anything you do.
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