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2003. AKA Canon EOS Rebel 300D. Wanted another EF mount digital in case my Canon EOS 20D fails. The guts of this camera are like the Canon EOS 10d. First camera to use the EF-S lens mount. The EF-S 18-55mm lens was the kit lens with this camera. It uses Compact Flash for storage, max 8GB. Exposure modes program, shutter priority and manual. It's got a pop-up E-TTL flash. It uses the BG511 or BG512 Li-Ion battery. Mine came with a battery and charger, but no lens. I have several EF lenses, and a EF-S lens also. My bid was $5.99, nobody else bid.

8-15-23: Arrived today OK. Very happy to find it works. The battery and charger still work. Took a few shots with the built-in flash. All good. Going to take it down to the river for some color pics at dawn soon.
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8-21-23: Guess it's fire season again. Low light levels let me look at automatic ISO / ASA adjustments and TTL fill flash on this digital camera. Since I don't process color film, shooting color means digital photography.

3-30-24: Out of film, shooting the digitals. So much easier, and the color looks great. I understand why almost everyone left film behind. Here are the 10 best. These were shot with my Vivitar 28-210mm F4.2-6.5 Series 1 EF-mount. Removed the dead CR-2016 memory battery, which kinda hides next to the main rechargable lithium battery. The camera works fine without it, but you must reset the date and time after reinstalling the battery. I remove batteries from all cameras after shooting, both for safety and to share them among different cameras. I notice this camera doesn't "wake up" quickly once the meter turns off. I half-press the shutter and wait a couple of seconds. Dirty swtich contacts maybe.

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