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1980 to 1983. This model was the basis for a dozen other models from different brands. It's entirely mechanical and manual. No auto anything. It uses 2 LR44 or SR44 batteries just for the LED 3 light meter, and upgrade of the CT-1's match needle meter. Metering is centerweighted averaging using 2 Cds cells (instead of the better blue photo diodes). It's got a metal focal plane shutter, from Bulb to 1/1000th (upped to 1/2000th on the CT-1 Super) that syncs flash at 1/125th. There is no exposure compensation dial, however you can fiddle with the ASA setting dial with the same effect. There is a 10 second self timer, the least significant feature on any camera, was removed from the CT-1G. It does have a real pentaprism, not a cheaper but lighter penta-mirror.
Cameras I have that were made by Cosina: VIVITAR 220SL, RICOH KR-5, QUANTARAY DZ-RZ, CHINON CM-7, and maybe more I haven't identified yet.
11-13-23: Camera and lens arrived today. I thought it was jammed at first, then remembered that the film advance is also the shutter lock. A battery was starting to leak, but after cleaning that up the meter was still dead. After "exercising" the switch and the battery hatch a little it's working fine. The finder screen was covered in black powder, which blew right out. The light seals look like new, so I'm going to test as is. It came with a Cosinon 50mm F2 lens, and a field case that was glued together, until now. This model is supposed to be rare in the US, we preferred to buy the marked-up re-badged versions labled Nikon, Canon, or even Sears. Even now, almost nobody wanted this little plastic piece of history. Bet it makes great pictures for $13 bucks too.
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11-16-23: Here are the best of the first test roll of Arista EDU 100 ASA, developed 11 minutes in Caffenol-C. These unretouched images were taken using the camera's meter. These were taken on a cold but sunny morning. A corrections department crew were bagging up leaves. Even at noon the sun casts long shadows, as it fails to climb into the sky. A few dog walkers and joggers come and go, as the benches collect leaves. The snow will appear soon, and the place will be abandoned till spring. But I'm happy because this camera works so well. A camera nobody else wanted.
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