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Released 2000's. There isn't much information about this model online. I bought it because I believe the film door is the same used on my Minolta Maxxum 400 si, which works when I tape it closed. It also comes with a Quantaray 70-300 lens. While not an impressive lens, all mounts should have a 300mm zoom, and Minolta brand lenses are either unavailable or too expensive. Features seem very similar to the 400si. This model has an external rotating knob to mechanically mask off the top and bottom of the negative to make a "Panorama" mode. Other cameras make you install a mask before loading film, and can't be removed mid-roll. This camera allows selecting panorama mode at any time. Nobody else wanted it, so the price was about $12 bucks per piece net.
Metering: Single sensor averaging meter.
Shutter: Electronic vertical metal curtain.
Focus: Single sensor auto focus or manual.
Viewfinder: Exposure info, focus confirmation and flash status in viewfinder. No focusing aid, just a matte screen. It's hard to see the viewfinder display in bright light.
Exposure modes: PASM.
Flash: Built-in flash, and the Dynax style hot shoe. Supports wireless flashes like the Minolta Maxxum 3500xi already collected.
Film transport: Motorized advance and rewind. Manual rewind button on the bottom.
Batteries: Uses a 2CR5 battery.
Lenses: Uses Sony A-mount lenses.
Accessories: Hotshoe converter to allow using older standard shoe flashes.
Limitations: No DOF preview, no mirror lock-up, no focusing aid in the viewfinder, exposure info in viewfinder hard to see in bright light. This model doesn't support the function cards Minolta tried on some models.
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6-8-24: Camera arrived OK. Lens contacts needed cleaning, as does the whole camera. Still works OK. Here you can see the panorama switch that moves a mask over the film. Other cameras can only enable this before loading film, this switch lets you change the format whenever you wish. Removed the dead battery from the data back, not needed and might leak. Came with a Quantaray 70-300mm MX AF lens, but it has both scratches and fungus in the rear element. I'll shoot it anyway to see how it looks. The viewfinder display looks a little brighter than the 400si, maybe it will be visible in daylight.

6-13-24: First test shots taken with Kentmere 100 ASA, developed in Caffenol-C (coffee) for 8 minutes. To skip the first 19 exposures I set focus to manual and cap the lens. These were taken (mostly) in Shutter Priority mode. I was using a Minolta 70 to 300mm lens, so I forced it to 1/125th to control shake. Focus was hunting with sky and water in the shot, so I use manual focus to save time. The dandalion was an experiment with the built-in flash in Program mode with autofocus. The metering looks a little dark. This film was shared with my Canon TX (no 1). I use a manual camera first so I can leave the film leader out after rewinding. I forgot to try the panorama mode.
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