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Made 2003. First digital Pentax made, based on their last film camera also the Pentax *Ist. 6 mp (mega-pixels). Not a completely unwanted camera, I outbid about 4 other bidders. It was said to be working, and no functional ones were less than a hundred on Ebay. Broken ones for parts started at $30. So I got the camera and a 100-300mm Pentax lens for $41, a steal. A friend of a friend is (or was) a landlord who lived by the the creed "If I can't steal it, I don't want it". I agree entirely. This is a particularly interesting camera, despite my bad luck with Pentax products, so I broke the $10 a piece rule. To shoot color I need digital, and this one uses any of the K-mount lenses in the collection, and AA NiMH's as well. Hoping it works.
Metering: Center-weighted, spot. 16 segments.
Shutter: electronic, metal, (vertical), 30 ~ 1/4000, B.
Focus: New AF system (SAFOX VIII) with 11 AF sensors. Has DOF preview. Stores images as RAW, TIFF, or JPG. Has an auto-focus assist light.
Viewfinder: Aperture and shutter speed LED displays.Pentaprism, not a penta-mirror.
Exposure modes: Shutter priority, Aperture priority, Program, Manual. Also a multiple-exposure mode.
Flash: Has a built-in flash with red eye reduction.
Film transport: None, it's digital. Only Pentax digital K-mount camera that uses Compact Flash cards instead of SD cards. Shoots 2.7 frames per second.
Batteries: 4 x AA Size, or 2 x CR-3V. Uses a CR2016 lithium battery (removable) to save date / time / settings.
Lenses: One thing I really like about Pentax is how they never abandoned thier legacy users. This camera works in all modes with any K-mount auto-focus lens. It works with older manual focus lenses, just set the aperture ring to "A". If not, the old lens works aperture priority wide open, or manual mode with stop-down metering. That's wonderful.
Accessories: CS-205 shutter release cable, remote control F infra red. Battery Grip D-BG1. soft case: CF-10 or O-CC10.
Limitations: No mirror lockup. No mechanical speeds. Dumb name. Hard to remove memory card. No histogram on initial image view. Not a problem for me, having no idea how to read a histogram. Slow to write RAW images to memory. Don't use it anyway.
Click any picture to enlarge to full screen in a new tab. Close tab to return.
12-22-23: Arrived today in great shape. The battery box looks like new, looks like gold-plated contacts. Popped in some AA Nimh's, an SD memcard, and started shooting.

12-23-23: Took the camera right out and shot some pics. The viewfinder is hazy, and I can't see the numbers at the bottom in daylight. Also it sounds like hunting season again, so I didn't expect to see any deer on Nelson Island. First sunny day in a while, may go out again later with the Nikon N65.

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