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2-5-23: Bought at Goodwill online auction, cost around $13 bucks. Made in 1975, uses 35mm film, and 2 x 1.5v batteries. Uses Pentax K-mount lenses. Wind lever activates meter and locks the shutter. Viewfinder has a diagonal split image finder. Top shutter speed is 1/500th. This same camera was marketed by Sears in the USA, as the KSX-1000. There is a hot shoe, but not for dedicated flash like later Ricoh models. There is no connector for cable sync. It does have a Copal metal shutter.
2-11-23: Camera arrived from Goodwill OK. Had batteries in it, with minor corrosion in battery compartment. Had an exposed roll of Fujifilm "Superia" in it. Thought it was broken, film wouldn't advance, shutter wouldn't fire. Forgot that the camera won't fire unless the film advance lever is away from the body. It couldn't go there because the film was completely advanced. Hoping this means the camera still works fine. Also came with a 52mm skylight filter. Turns out all is well. Lens is OK too.
3-1-23: Camera has first test roll, some expired "Albertsons" color print film I found. Even if the colors are off it should tell me how well the shutter and meter are working, and if there are light leaks.
4-10-23: Test roll being processed. Expired film came back blank.
9-5-23: Replaced light seals with cotton yarn and adhesive-backed felt.
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10-26-23: Finally shot a roll of Arista EDU 100 ASA film with this camera. These unretouched images were processed with Caffenol-C for 16 minutes.

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