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Eachine E010 "Frieda-2" and Blade Inductrix "Frieda"

An Eachine E010 toy quad with an Eachine TX01 micro camera / VTX. Replaces the lost Blade Inductrix described below.

9-26-2020: Frieda still flies, but all her batteries have gone bad. Will advise when I get some new ones.

7-30-2017: Have been flying Frieda with the replacement flight controller, after applying MG Chemicals Silicon modified conformal coating #422B-55ml to both sides of the board. It dries a slightly blue clear, is UV resistant, and flouresces under UV lighting. This shows if you have an even coat. I'm hoping this will keep the crystal and other components attached and waterproofed. I also used more care in applying the camera with double-sided foam tape. I left a gap for the crystal, so it doesn't actually touch anything. The replacement board has exactly the same reversed motor labeling as the original, I used a photo to match the motor wiring. I also used a fresh camera, not sure the repaired camera is focused right. The "Micro Motor Warehouse" motors now have 3.8 hours on them, compared to 78 minutes for the stock motors. When one fails I replace the set.

I've enjoyed several flying sessions, the videos are here: "7-5-17 Flying around new house.", "7-11-17 "Frieda" front yard in wind" and "7-22-17 Frieda flies the slab"

6-18-2017: The lens fell off Frieda's camera, despite being glued on. Even worse, when removing it I broke the timing crystal on the flight controller. So I've ordered some spare boards from Banggood.com, and some conformal coating to better protect the components on the flight controller. Here are some pics of the damaged unit to help me reconnect the motors correctly. I also bought some camera mounts for less destructive repairs next time, and to get the order up to 25 bucks for free freight. I've repaired the camera, but have some spares in stock just in case. Have been flying Tina around the house, but video from that camera isn't good enough to upload. Much better luck with cloverleaf antennas.

11-17-2016: Got a comment on YouTube suggesting I try cutting the rotors down to two blades, and happily I got four sets of spare rotors in today. So one at a time (to avoid having to recall where they go) I took 'em off, snipped the extra blades with wire cutters, then filed them flush with a pin file. A nail file would have done. Timed the test flights to Low Voltage Condition, when the lights start blinking. Got 3 minutes 45 seconds on the 200ma batteries, and 1 minute 59 seconds on the stock 150ma battery. Flew the stock battery another 30 seconds until it won't fly any more. Don't think I got an additional minute as hoped, but she does lose altitude during a steep acceleration. Maybe it lets the motors run cooler, I don't know.

11-12-2016: Have to show you how much better the Eachine TX01 is. YouTube's compression blurs the image, and muddies the colors. These are screen grabs from original video. You can see "Gidget" hanging on the shelf, waiting to fly again.

11-7-2016: Installed a TX01 on Frieda-2 tonight, and I'm very happy with it. The picture is MUCH better. No corrections necessary, good contrast and color balance. It's filtration is better, keeping noise down even in low battery condition. It's more durable, being potted in epoxy, but the power wires are difficult to fix if broken. The antenna is lower, for a better profile. Used two 1mm nylon ties through the flight controller with some double-sided foam for insulation.

10-22-2016: Ordered three of the new Eachine TX01 cameras. Supposed to pull 100ma less current. Don't think I'll try splitting them again. Maybe I can bend the antenna backward for better clearance. Expect they'll be selling them pre-split before long. Seems to take them a few months to catch on to new trends. These were $25 each, the VIP discount code option was grayed out. Having wasted thousands on this nonsense over the last couple of years, I'm a VIP 3 (out of 4). Banggood seems to have adopted the micros a lot faster than HobbyKing, which I bought a lot from earlier. Neither gave me any problems. Until the new camera arrives, here's what Frieda looks like with holes in the ducts.

10-20-2016: Noticed how Ikki drilled holes in his ducts, found that a paper punch works just fine. Saved .3 grams and seems to fly better. Then I decided to "mullet mod" the EF-01 camera the way I did with "Violet". Bad idea. Think I blew up the transmitter. Should have left the power connector alone, thought instead to solder directly to the board. Very delicate traces. I had the antenna drooping off the starboard side. Used a lot of hot glue, probably added a lot of weight. Need a better gooey jell tape. So I took the FPV stuff off and put the Inductrix canopy on for now. Flies great. Have to oreder some more all in one cameras.

10-14-2016: About 66 minutes on new motors. One motor still spinning down randomly, must be flight controller. Flying nightly after work. The shutdown on impact problem cleared up, must have been bad solder joint at battery. Lots of crashes and still no damage, much tougher than the Inductrix. At 2.5 minutes the 150 ma batteries are hot, the 200 ma's are warm. Much easier to fly than "Tina", even did some flips. Not enough thrust to recover before tapping floor. Now have 4 150ma "stock" batteries, and 5 200ma batteries. Still flying the original rotors, no damage. The coffee stirrer mast has prevented any new antenna damage. Have to order more motors, I'm going to wear these out quickly.

10-2-2016: Upgrade day. Want to use the 200ma batteries I use with "Tina". Cut the end off the charger, soldered atop the camera power lines. Cut the end off the battery tray, and clipped the "locks" off "Tina's" 200ma battery so it would slide further forward. I use a rubber band to hold the battery in place anyway. With no camera she flies MUCH better. Forced to keep running until Low Battery Condition, measured at 3.3 volts. Replaced the stock motors with some Micro Motor Warehouse CL-0615-14 units I had in stock. Wow what an improvement, much quieter also. Now flies 4.5 minutes to LBC without the camera, and 3.5 minutes with the camera. I had been landing at 1.5 minutes with a hot battery. With the camera I'm seeing the same motor stall, and down she goes. Maybe there's some overheat protection at work, or maybe it's fighting a center of gravity issue. Trimmed more from the battery tray to allow the batteries to go further forward, balanced now. As shown the AUW (all up weight or take off weight) is now 29.2 grams.

10-1-2016: Flew 9 batteries around room. Two of the five extra batteries I bought have failed. One had fractured solder joint, but wouldn't charge any better after repair. They have a board with two chips (8205a and DWO1d) to control either charging or discharging I guess. Maybe the fault lies in these circuits. Both would charge up to 4 volts and run the camera, but neither would arm the aircraft. After discharging with a car light bulb I clipped the leads and discarded. Like the Inductrix this bird needs a bigger battery.

9-17-2016: Got Frieda-2 flying on Deviation. First test of the NRF module I installed earlier, flies much better. First attempt went badly, DEVO-10 transmitter was stuck on USB logo. Reinstalled everything, starting with a USB "drive" format, burned latest daily release, kept all but models, icons, tx.ini and hardware.ini. Tadaa! Now has 3 rates, flip button, thr hold. Not sure if RTH implemented. I have some MMW motors in stock, will replace when needed. The clockwise motors are wired in reverse, red goes to minus. Have to watch that. The 5 extra batteries I ordered at the same time haven't arrived yet. Folks are cutting down the rotors to two blades, saying they spin faster and don't strain the motors. Don't think I'll do that. I do let the motors cool after each run. Don't have much choice now, only have one battery Added a coffee-stirrer mast for the antenna, AUW now 27.1 grams.

9-17-2016: Had to fix the Tiny Toy Transmitter. A Q-Tip stick exactly fits inside both the knob and the round coffee stir stick. The stirrer also fits the stump where the knob went. A little hot glue holds it all together.

9-16-2016: A Tiny Whoop is too much fun to be without, so I bought an Eachine E010, a slightly better clone at a fraction of the Inductrix's price. Since I'm running out of Peanuts characters I decided to call this one Frieda2. The conversion took a few minutes, being VERY carefull to watch the polarity on the camera power line. Picture looks great, still flies on stock motors. The Eachine E010 has stronger looking motor struts, and can be run with my Devo-10 on Deviation like the Inductrix was. I think I found one problem, that is it seems to shut down on impact. Normally after a crash I don't have to get up (off my lazy arse) and reset the whole show. I'm not seeing any low battery warning either. It just limits thrust and sets down. The Inductrix dropped like a stone.

8-1-2016: Visited the manager next door, offered a $50 (!) reward if she's found. She sent the maint guy onto the roof, he couldn't find my Whoop. So I don't expect to see her again. Going to order some of those Eachine cameras, and install one on "Tina"

7-30-2016: Lost Frieda on a neighboring roof. Thought it would be fun to fly the new parking lot before any cars started using it. Was immediately in trouble, sailing up and northwest. Tried to fight it, just got worse. Should have brought her down on my own roof. No video received since, can't be sure but think she's on the next building over. Brushed quads just don't have the horses for wind.

Today's video on YouTube

7-28-2016: Think the tubular frame reinforcement is blocking too much thrust, making her seem heavy. Used tweezers to squeeze them into thin vanes. If they won't retain that shape I'll either cut them into flat pieces or remove them. This is why the existing struts are so thin and fragile. Maybe an aftermarket frame would have twice the internal struts.

7-24-2016: Installed a frame reinforcement hack I saw online somewhere. Tried to steal some coffee stirrers for days without success. Had to buy hundreds. These are stuck under the motors, which pinch them in place above the frame. Bent into a V, the two parts are tied together. I used dental floss, having no thread in the house. The idea is to transfer some of the stress to adjacent motors and avoid breaking the motor struts. It took less time to do than this paragraph. Seems like a good idea to me.

Also learned how to clean up the lousy video from the FX797 camera, which always looks like it's in the Matrix. I use Floblade for editing, but they're all complicated. Turns out it's easy to adjust the "filters" for brightness, contrast, hue and gamma. They're all under "filters / color". You get a small unlabled slider after selecting the filter, so you can crank it up or down. I fixed the last video, and will all future ones.
Here's the fixed version

7-15-2016: Flew "Frieda" around Izzy's hospital room. Went to relieve his mother for a few hours, snuck in my Tiny Whoop for a couple of turns around the room. First time I flew in a location I'm not familiar with. He told the nurse on me.

Today's video on YouTube

7-15-2016: First full battery on FPV without a crash. Video HERE. Flight time is down to 2.5 minutes, need better batteries.

7-11-2016: Replaced motors with Micro Motor Warehouse "fast" motors. Stock motors still worked OK.New motors came with longer wires, which I tucked gingerly between the frame and board. A quick LOS flight flew OK. Double-triple checked the motor colors, very important. I actually ordered the "medium" motors, because I"m a lousy pilot, but I'll get used to these anyway. Managed not to break the frame, which is easily possible when forcing the motors in or out.

6-17-2016: Delivered the next day by FedEX. Wow. Had it flying in the office in half an hour. Took my Nano QX3d transmitter that came with "Tina", worked fine. Got her home, had the camera mod done in five minutes, and put the front half of the canopy back on. Copied the .INI from "Tina" and bound to the Devo-10 (with Deviation ver 5), flies great on the stock motors.

Video of maiden flight on YouTube

6-16-2016: Ordered airframe from Horizon directly. Paid about $50 for the bind-n-fly version. The 6mm motors from Micro Motor Warehouse are backordered. Will order more spare parts, upgraded motors and batteries in a while. Now have to add her to the transmitter. Happily she's just DSMX like "Tina".
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