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Horizon Nano QX3D "Tina" with an Eachine EF-01 camera / VTX for FPV.

6-22-2017: After a long move to Washington I'm finally flying again. I broke "Frieda" removing the camera, which broke the crystal off the flight controller. To prevent that I'm coating all electronics with conformal coating, which also prevents moisture and vibration damage. I bought MG Chemicals Silicon Modified Conformal Coating for $17 on Amazon. You get a bottle of 2 ounces, which should last forever. There's a brush in the lid to apply it with, you just paint it on. Doesn't seem to add much to the weight, must be done outdoors. Lots of cancer warnings. Painted it on both sides of the flight controller and camera boards, let it dry for a few hours, and flew it without problems. Avoided getting it in switches and motor solder pads. It ads a glossy bluish coat which flouresces under UV light. Experiment with linear antenna failed, reinstalled cloverleaf. Also the frequency selector on this camera is wrong, had to find A1 freq by trail and error.

Today's video HERE flying around new back yard.

1-2-2017: While the glue cures on "Frieda" I took out old "Tina", and broke the antenna mast off the EF-01 camera / VTX. Thought this would be a nice time to experiment with making a linear antenna. I've got a pile of them as they came with every expensive transmitter I bought. A few seconds with a Dremmel cut the plastic shell off, then I snipped the cable at the farthest end and it slides right out. A few minutes later with a soldering iron in my shaky hands and it's on. I'm leaving off any shrink or protection because there's almost no contact and it'll probably fall off. Maybe I'll just replace the whole camera, the EF01 isn't as good as the Eachine TX01's I have in stock. If this looks good I might replace more of them. It transmits a noisy, grainy picture even in the room.

10-22-2016: Now have 12.75 hours on the airframe, 2.9 hours on the current motors. One of the motors was damaged / fixed and is making signal noise and getting hotter. Getting harder to fly. I've ordered four more sets of motors, and three of the new Eachine TX01 camera / VTX all in ones. These are supposed to weigh less, draw 100 ma less, and have a LED channel display. On the down side the power wires are soldered in place, in a bad location for repair. They come with no case to discard. Despite constant crashes the new rotors are holding up fine.

10-14-2016: Alternated flights with Frieda-2 to keep motors cool. Notice more motor noise in Tina, wonder if motors wearing out. Tina's got 2.65 hours on the current motors.

9-11-2016: Flew around the room again. Found motor shafts wrapped in hair. Still has trouble maintaining altitude even without any turbulance. Maybe these fat rotors are slowing down the motors. Added a straw to protect the antenna. Keep bending it back into shape. Tried scotch tape, think it blocked the signal a little. Now trying cling wrap. Either of these present a huge air resistance, and I don't think they do any good.

9-10-2016: Flew at Izzy's house today, in part to see if the IBCrazy crosshair would do better with the Eachine EF-01 camera / VTX. It doesn't, with signal failing completely after getting behind a wall or two. I've watched many videos with flights on different floors, or around the house without much interference. As usual she took a beating and came out still flying. I added more hot glue to keep the camera seated. The antenna is getting damaged, think I'll add a roll bar.

8-12-2016: The Eachine EF-01 cameras arrived today, and after a few minutes I had one stuck on "Tina". It works fine on 1S.

6-23-2016: The new rotors arrived today from Banggood.com. They're a little wierd because they have to be put on upside down, since I'm flying Tina as a pusher. I know she can flip and fly upside down, but the canopy is on top, and she starts out as a pusher. Stock number is 916674, for the Nano QX HM830 RC Paper. I ordered five of the 5-set packs, but got a lot of 2-packs instead. Half are marked "A" and half are blank. They're all black. They do fly great, especially after I stole the camera for Frieda, the new Inductrix. The holes on these rotors seem tighter, the stock ones slipped all the time. She really hauls ass with these rotors.

6-5-2016: Have been flying Tina around my room on Fatsharks. Put the canopy back on, just hate to discard it. Glad I added the roll cage, she crashes on the antenna every time. Have learned that it's easier to fly sitting comfortably than trying to stand, which I'm used to. Getting a little better at throttle control. Thought I had a lot of rotors, but having trouble finding them. They're slipping and falling off in flight after replacing the motors with new ones. Tried using super glue, but it doesn't seem to stick to the stainlessshafts.Went on Amazon looking for some replacements, was shocked to see them selling $29 bucks for four? The .8mm shaft makes them tough to find, but Banggood.com sells them under HM830, 5 pairs for $2.50. That's more like it, ordered lots.

6-5-2016: YouTube user MicroFPVmod G reminded me how difficult it is to fix that fragile antenna, so I'm making a roll cage out of 1mm nylon ties. They won't prevent any impact, but might absorb some of the energy. I used some superglue gel to join the top ends. Shot these pics while the glue is setting.

Plan fails. She's horribly nose-heavy, so I've moved the camera back to the battery clip, and made a roll bar out of thicker nylon tie. AUW now 33.3 grams, and flies much better.

Today's videos HERE and HERE

6-4-2016: Stuck the second FX797T (from Banggood.com) on Tina, and it flies OK. The video is much better than the VA1100, and it costs less than half as much. Flew her tonight around the parking lot. Even with new batteries she only flies a few minutes, guess the motors are getting tired.

Today's video HERE

5-6-2016: Was thinking about building a brushed micro for indoor FPV, and I may yet, but I already have an easy to fly and indestructable airframe. Tina flew OK with the VA1100 seen below, but I destroyed it trying to add an OSD to "Lucy". So I ordered a couple of the new 40 channel 25mw all-in-one cameras from Banggood.com for $40 each. That's half what I paid for the VA1100, it changes channels with a button, and gets great reviews. Instead of sticking it on the battery retainer on top, I wanted the camera mounted in front, so I made a little shelf for it to sit on. The first design, mocked up in business card, wouldn't fly, since I blocked the airflow from the front rotors. The final design, made of very thin plastic (from a jar of snacks) runs along the arms to the motor connectors, and back to the battery clip. It's hot glued in place. The connector I added for the VA1100 is still in place, I made a new pigtail for it. So I'm finally going to get some use out of the Fatshark goggles I bought years ago.

1-15-2016: Flying around the room. Haven't flown much in a month. Now have almost 9 hours on the original motors. Still crashing a lot. Batteries down to about four minutes a charge. With the legal changes Tina may be the only thing I dare fly. There's a new Blade QX FPV that looks like fun. I've already bought replacement motors for Tina.

10-3-2015: Took Tina to the field hoping a friend would try flying, but they couldn't come. Accidently found out how to flip with Deviation. Turns out you just flip the mode switch and throw the stick over. Seems she only flips when the batteries are fresh. Three or four flips per battery, that's it. Tina now has 8 hours on the original motors, after hundreds of crashes and carrying a camera / transmitter. Enjoy flying Tina a lot because I know I can't break her. Here's how she looks today, with the canopy trimmed back for the (now gone) VA1100 camera.

8-8-2015: Just noticed that Tina has 7.77 hours on the original motors. I lost Christine after just 5 hours of flight, making Tina the most-flown aircraft in the fleet. And the most crashed by far. Except for one large transistor / FET breaking loose, she's had lots of impacts with no damage. I found someone using super glue to protect the components on his open boards, which sounds like a good idea. Looks better than liquid tape. Today I was trying to fly around a pole, with no real depth perception. Crash after crash. With Tina I just throttle up and she takes off again. The Blade QX flies just as well upside down.This is absolutely the best quad to give a kid.

7-2-2015: Finally replaced the props. One fell off a few times. Both aft motors are not freewheeling as the forward ones are. Fixed some of the lights after watching a YouTube video, using the soldering iron on the resistors. Lost one resistor when I wasn't holding it down well enough. Also used a dab of hot glue on the motor mounts to prevent them from rotating. Just crossed six hours of actual flight time.

6-30-2015: Almost five and a half hours flight time. Getting pretty comfortable, working on banked turns. Still on original props. Couple of lights still work. Using a parallel charge board on my main charger to gas up my three batteries.

6-28-2015: I fly so much better in the morning when I'm rested. Got 15 minutes from 3 batteries, flying very slowly and gently. I've been too strong on the sticks. Today I practiced very slight stick motions and more controlled flight. The result was not a single crash or bounce. I've got to remember that it's not a race.

6-11-2015: Checking the timer on the Deviation-based Walkera Devo-10, I'm getting 3.5 minutes per battery of flight, with the camera on. Not enough power for banked turns, loses altitude. Still flying the original rotors. Par charge board in transit.No longer have to bind before each flight, or calibrate sticks. Must have been missing a file in the TX.

5-31-2015: Have to work on altitude control, flew Line of Sight looking for that balance between plowing the field and low earth orbit.I haven't learned how to bank turns yet, instead I "drift" them with just the rudder. Will continue working on that.

Today's video HERE

5-30-2015: Today's flight let me fly the goggles in a larger / softer space, and test how far I can go with Tina. The answer is not very.

Today's video HERE

5-25-2015: Back to the RC airfield and it's soft grass to crash into. Wind was 2 to 4 mph, in a cool overcast. It's hard to believe I'm still using the original rotors that came with the aircraft, although they're getting pretty ragged. Have not tried any of the other modes yet, not sure she can change "on the fly". Recharged all batteries with the phone charger, using about 1/4 of it's capacity.

Today's video HERE

5-24-2015: Flew Tina with the Deviation modified Devo 10 transmitter. Not amazing, but no worse than with the stock transmitter. If you find it binding but not flying, run the stick calibration routine under transmitter setup. I bought a little phone charger at Target for $17 bucks to recharge these little batteries (including the Proto-X) without having the leave the keys in the car. I've also ordered a parallel charger for use at home, for about $5 bucks including freight. It's got a JST plug, and no balance leads of course. I think leaving them all connected together on the board will even them out so they don't explode. Here are some pics showing the liquid tape I painted on top and bottom. Looks like hell, but look at all the abuse she's taken so far.

Today's video HERE

5-23-2015: Spent much of this Saturday installling Deviation in my Walkera Devo 10 transmitter, removing the center spring function on the throttle stick, finding the .ini file for the Nano QX3d, and figuring out how to bind it. I was surprised when it FLEW without any extra RF modules, just the Walkera Devo 10. The Deviation software completely changes the Walkera radio, but it makes perfect sense and I won't be changing it back. I saw some magic smoke while , but Tina still flies OK. Even with the blue lights gone, Tina still binds OK to the stock transmitter. Now about the Proto-X.

5-20-2015: Flew Tina indoors today, in m cramped apartment, trying to turn in circles. Broke a larger transistor off the bottom of the 4-in-one board, almost right under the frame protector. It was hanging on by one lead, and Tina went into bind mode, with the blue lights blinking. After soldering it back on and re-binding the receiver Tina was back in the air. After that I painted liquid tape on the top and bottom of the board to cushion those fragile components. I was able to do some circles in that tight space, here is the last video, after the repair job:

Today's video HERE

5-16-2015: Flew Tina outdoors today, FPV with the ground station. MANY rough landings but no damage. The two spare batteries are longer, and stick into the picture. Painted the protruding edge black with a marker. Got some altitude and distance. Some difficulty maintaining altitude. Felt good to fly FPV again, can't do it indoors. Long way from proficiency.

Today's video HERE Today's video HERE Today's video HERE

5-7-2015: Found that I had swapped the two rear blades, and she wouldn't lift off. Front two blowing down, rear the opposite. Here are some pics.

5-5-2015: Continue flying Tina, mostly over the bed for safety. Risked a flight all the way across the room and back. Any turn seems to destroy my orientation and crashing the aircraft. Flying FPV was like driving a car, the orientation never changed. In a larger / outdoor space I'll fly Tina the same way, but for now I've got to master variable orientation. I'm also flying my first quad, a ProtoX that spent three months on the roof last year, needing only new props to fly again. Wonder if there's a tiny camera for that.

Today's video HERE

5-5-2015: Bought the Blade Nano QX3D, and a Spektrum VA1100 "ultra micro FPV camera system" from Sergio at PiroFlip(.com). This is what he's flying in some videos I uploaded last weekend. She's much harder to fly than I hoped, but I'm starting to get it.

Today's video HERE

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