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Picnic Quads 100mm Micro-H "Violet"

Smallest build yet. Picnic Frames "Base" 100mm polycarbonate frame, 8.5mm coreless motors, Micro SciSky 32 bit flight controller, and an Eachine TX02 200mw (camera / vtx).

09-26-2020: Violet's clear plastic frame broke, probably during a move. Will probably rebuild her on a new frame. Think I only got one really good flight out of her, one morning before the airfield was opened up. It's on YouTube. Had she been lost in the brush I would never have found her.

12-10-2016: New motors arrived from Micro Motor Warehouse. I bought 8 of the CL-0820-15 "fast" motors to replace the Husban motors I bought from Banggood. They cost a little more, but have longer wires and might last longer. I've learned to press up on the motor base when installing rotors, and I'm using the rubber caps (from MMW) to protect the caps and wires from below. The Expo 50 settings in Deviation smoothed out the wild controls and I was able to fly around the room safely. At 2.5 minutes I landed with warm motors and battery. Afraid the 200mw VTX is pulling too much power. No rotors in picture, with camera on the nose.

12-3-2016: Thought I would tinker with transmitter EXPO settings, trying to calm her down enough to fly indoors. During the first test one of the motors popped apart in flight. These are the original Hubsan 8.5x20 mm motors bought from Banggood.com on 5-14-16, they have 93 minutes (1.55 hours) on them. Should have lasted six or seven hours at least, so I had a closer look. Here are the pics, taken with my old Canon EOS20d and some cheapo no-name extension rings. The motor body is still in the frame. Had some hot glue on the ends to reinforce them, waste of weight. Found some abrasion inside the case, and the brushes look pretty ragged also. Wonder how they make these things. Also found 3 of the motor mounts have cracks. Maybe the rubber grommet mount is better. This Picnic Quads frame slides the motors into the polycarbonate frame.

11-7-2016: Mounted new Eachine TX02 camera / transmitter. 200mw Output should be better for outdoor flights. Mounted on the nose for a better view, tried a test flight in my cell. Horizon mode too radical, angle mode better. Crashed a couple of times, no damage to camera.

11-7-2016: Flew Violet outdoors yesterday, finally found a good place to fly. The video is too poor to post. The "mullet mod" just wrecked the signal. Removing the camera / vtx broke the transmitter, uprooting parts where the hot glue touched them. Tried to fix, unsuccessful. Replacing with an eachine VT-020, for 200mw. Flies great, wants to go into orbit.

10-18-2016: Violet seemed to have a bad motor, so I unzipped her to test them. After removing the camera and upper deck I test-flew her again, and no problem appeared. Decided to split the camera / VTX and install the Micro MinimOSD left over from Lucy. Forgot that when using a Spektrum radio you can't use the OSD. Don't know if there's a second serial port on the flight controller, so ended up removing it. Saw others using the laid-back VTX mod on the Inductrix, so I hot glued the camera in up front and the transmitter sticking out the back. Not using the upper deck, she flies much better. The pins on the camera / VTX are (from top to bottom) Video, Ground, and 3.5 volts. Adding the long wires between them increased the noise in the picture. I used only the ground line between the signal and ground, not the headers on the other side of the camera. Hardest part is soldering the wires back on the camera without shorting them. Have to use a loupe to inspect. Weight now 54 grams AUW, 35 without battery.

7-10-2016: Flew Violet LOS at the field today. Tried to shoot a chair, broke a motor. Frame and camera undamaged. Was repaired in a few minutes. Flying so low she clipped some weeds, but she kept on goin'. Tried to flip in Horizon mode, didn't work. The video was terrible, didn't notice the antenna was loose.

6-7-2016: Took Violet to the field early in the morning for some range testing. She flies a lot faster than I expected.
I'm the dot in the road below. The SciSky's built-in radio retained control the entire time, and the video speaks for itself.

Link to today's flight on YouTube

6-2-2016: Added a roll bar made of nylon tie to protect the fragile antenna. AUW now 55.5 grams.

6-2-2016: Cameras arrived. Soldered power wires direct to battery input and stuck it on the top plate with some gel / velcro tape. Used a rubber band for extra support. Flies fine.

5-24-2016: Motors and flight controller arrived today so she's flyable. The FX797 (camera / vtx) should be here in a week tops. The SciSky comes with Cleanflight installed, and I'm flying it on the default Luxfloat settings. Was a little worried because I couldn't find the "brushed motors" checkbox, I guess there isn't one. Of course I installed the motors backwards, had to remove and reinstall. I put some hot glue on the motor bottoms to protect them. Don't think it will. While I wanted to hang the camera out front like "Lucy", I don't want to unbalance the unit, so I used the top plate and will mount the camera in the center. Will have to pull the plate off again to solder the power wires for the camera.

5-19-2016: First entry: Parts are starting to arrive. Below is the cost analysis.

Violet costs		Total:	$144.27
Date		Part						Source		Cost
05-14-16	Rotors: Afunta 5x combo, transparent Husban.	Amazon		$6.89
05-14-16	Batteries: Venom 1s 500ma x 4			Amazon		$27.17
05-14-16	Frame: Picnic Quads "Base" frame		Picnic Quads	$17.00
05-14-16	FX797 Camera / VTX 5.8g 25mw			Banggood	$41.89
05-14-16	FC: Micro Scisky 32 bit NAZE32			Banggood	$30.88
05-14-16	Motors: 8.5x20 coreless for Husban		Banggood	$20.44

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