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2014 Samurai

7-2-14: Stripped spare engine down, and delivered the long block to the machine shop for rebuild. I already have a spare head rebuilt and waiting. Intend to buy new peripherals and build a complete spare engine. The vehicle itself is back on the little car trailer, insurance off, awaiting transport to the ranch.

3-17-14: The Samurai, like everything else in my life, sits and waits on hold. I bought a complete engine earlier this year from a Craigslist user, for $200.00. It too waits in storage for attention.The complete engine weighs about 175 pounds, so the seller and I moved it from his truck by hand. I started the Sammy up last weekend and drove it around the storage lot once. Nothing seems to have changed. I had to re-do the rear axles, after discovering that without the locking rings there's nothing to seal them against. I bought new bearings that don't need the locks, and hoped to save a few bucks by not bothering with them. The differential oil quickly lubricates the rear brakes. That video where the guy installs bearings by banging a pipe is nonesense. Thirty seconds with the hydraulic press and they're done.

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