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These pages document my Suzuki Samurai resurrection, from a $100 junk parts machine to what? One day at the laundromat an old guy driving a decrepit Samurai arrives with his basket of rags. After he gets his washer going, we start talking about Samurai's, as I had been lusting after one for a long time. He says he has another one at home that he'll sell for $100.00, and that's how it started. I round up my son and a flatbed trailer, and rush to his place before he recovers his sanity. Amazingly it ran well enough to get on the trailer. I've been working on it for years since, which I've documented here. It's split up by year, starting in 2011.

2011: Initial pics as I bought her. Price was right, but she needs a lotta work.
2012: Starting to get serious. Initial attempts at lifting were horrible, machine scary to drive over 20 mph.
2013: Suspension largely done, but drivetrain has over 200k miles on it.
2014: Spare engine, rear axles NEED bearing locks.
2016: Another year in storage, bumped by neighbor's trailer in the wind.
2017: The move from Los Angeles to Washington State.
2018: Mud flaps, that's about it.
2019: New accelerator cable gets sticky, Sam won't go fast, breaks gas pedal.
2020: Alignment, fresh mudders, new radiator and thermostat, run daily.
Parts used, sources and cost. Doesn't include fluids, tools, or services used. This is a PDF you can download, and will be updated as I dig up more receipts. The total is just under $5k. I added this copy Oct 10, 2020.
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