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2-11-24: Added some new ideas. The home page will have a "Today's Pics" link leading the reader to the most recently used camera and pictures it took. I've been handing my card out to people who chat me up when I'm out shooting, and they may be checking the site to see what's new. I also added an "accessory" page leading to all the tools that I use to produce the pictures, protect and maintain the collection.
12-22-23: After 17 years of running their ads Google Adsense finally paid me $100.47. I started on 7-9-07 hoping to get a second income stream. You see how well that worked. I won't live long enough to see another payment, and I hate them as much as you do. One by one, I edited all the pages to cut the code out that launches the ads. Then I discoved the Google Analytics code throws more ads on my pages, so I went through them all again. Took two days. Once all Google's scripts were off so were the ads. I don't care about my page's demographics anymore.
11-23-23: Found a great goto top of page tool at https://www.softr.io/tools/javascript-scroll-to-top-button. Searched all day before finding this. Copy and paste, which is about all I can handle.
11-22-23: Changed camera description to a more structured feature by feature format. This helps me organize more clearly than a freeform page. Maybe I'll go back and update to the new format. Probably not. I'm still hoping to link lenses to the pictures they took, but that's another big project. I'm still trying to shoot every day, weather allowing. This year I started using a "shoot sheet" for each roll of film, which helps me identify which lenses shot which exposure, at what exposure settings, and other notes. I don't post these. After mixing up rolls of film in processing, I used to shoot a white board with date, camera, film and lens info so it would be on the film, like the "clapper" used in movies. Now I use a copy stand for shooting both the "white board", and a test pattern which helps evaluate the metering, shutter, and lens. I used the old TV sign-off test pattern because it's both functional, nostalgic and funny. Saturday mornings I would plant myself in front of the Idiot Box waiting for them to "sign on" again so I could watch cartoons.
7-9-23: Cameras page: pictures are now links also.
9-5-23: I've been adding new cameras and lenses like crazy using templates that make it easier. Now I'm starting to add hyperlinks to related cameras and lenses. An ambitious new project would add links from all the lenses to the cameras they came with, and reverse from the cameras to the lenses they came with. I wanted to show which pictures were taken with each lens, which meant having two copies of those pictures on both pages. Instead I would rather have pictues on the camera page, with links on the lens pages. Since I'm using Pluma (a simple text editor) to write these pages, this project will take a long time. I thought of adding links to other pages, but that entails a lot of ongoing maintennance as they come and go.
4-29-23: The camera collection has grown like crazy. I got several cameras caught up today, with the recent lenses still to do. The actual pictures are much larger than the images you see, 360 wide for the thumbnails and 600 wide for the detail pages. Was thinking of making them links to the full size images, but I think it's better to resize all those huge images down to 600 wide to save space. I want to add thumbnail images to the lens and flash selector pages. Many images could use re-shooting with my new phone holder copy stand. I've been thinking of adding links to other sites I've used for researching these things. I looked at my stats, and I don't think anyone is actually looking at these pages at all, which means I'm wasting a lot of time. But it keeps me busy. Each detail page is going to be like a log for that device, which I update whenever there's news about it, or I take more pictures with it. I'm just learning about these cameras, and want to share what I found out.
4-5-23: Have been putting a lot of time into the site. Most ambitious project ever. Next change I want is to link the pictures to full-screen images. Can I assume people are smart enough to hit the back arrow to return? They're really large images. Maybe just a note on the source page. That will mean editing all the pages already done. After buying a ten buck plastic arm I'm finally able to make good pictures with the cellphone. All the recent camera pics were taken on a board on my bed, with my cheapo cell phone. An extra sheet provides the background, and a $4 table lamp provides the light. I have to go back and re-shoot those with strong shadows. I used to shoot my hand holding the camera or lens in the bathroom, which has the brightest light. Maybe I can use search and replace on my text editor, which is all I use to do these pages. I hate pages that take forever to display. And I hate ads too. Once I finally get that $100 payoff (minimum amount) I'm going to pull the plug on Google Adsense.
3-20-23: Redesigned the home page. Will update camera collection news there, added a purpose statement, and a disclaimer for the whole site. Have broken the site into sections for photo equipment, using my inventory to collect and organize the information. That was rather tedious, and needs a lot more detail work. I want to describe not only the equipment, but where it came from, what I've done to improve it, maybe even links to compatible equipment. After 21 years, I'm still trying to earn my first $100.00 payoff for Google Adsense. I'm at around $96.00, so I may live long enough to see it. Maybe.
3-8-23: Decided to retire the drone and Samurai pages, as I haven't done anything with either interest in years. The drone technology evolves rapidly and was very obsolete. This frees up limited space for my current interest, collecting cameras.
3-3-23: Have been working on the Camera / photography pages a lot. Today I set up new pages for the lenses and flash units. At the moment they're just lists of what I have, how much it cost, and some notes. When I started the collection last year I was unaware about dedicated flashes. I was never really interested in flash units, thinking they were for snapshots with unimportant cameras. Now I find myself trying to find the best dedicated flashes I can for each camera. So I've added a separate flashes page. To make those lists from the spreadsheet (libreoffice) I just copy the lines, paste them into my editor (Pluma), enclose the entire list in the "pre/pre" container, and edit the tabs so they line up. The sheets' export to HTML doesn't work at all for me, and I don't use any fancy graphic editors. I like simple, fast loading pages I can edit by hand. I'm working on a 32 bit version of Ubuntu Linux, and software is fading away. I'm surprised I wasn't able to find a simple, graphic montage maker. The only way I could make one was to shoot a screen print of Caja (the file manager) in icon view. In other news, I just switched from Spectrum to Ziply Fiber. Not for speed but for economy. The switch will save me $40 bucks a month, which has become a big deal. So far I see no problems. Instead of using the coax that Spectrum was they find an old phone jack, and use that abandoned wiring. Pretty clever. They corrected me when I asked about a modem, but that's what it is. About two inches square, gets really hot, and decodes the two wire signal into 4 for cat-5 to my router. I put a big heat sink on top of it to cool it down. Electronics and heat are not friends. Of course when you try to discoonnect from Spectrum a very sweet young lady keeps you on the phone an hour trying to reel you back in. Suddenly I'm a preferred customer, entitled to a lower price. They should call or stop by once in a while to see how you're doing. They should know that retirees are bound to squeeze every penny they can, and proactively drop rates at 65. I'm using Ziply's slowest service, and it's just fine, costs $20 a month vs $60 for Spectrum.
2-12-23: The new photo pages are coming along very quickly. Will continue editing and updating. Not currently updating Samurai or drone pages, may get back to them later. Pretty sure the only viewers of this site are spiders crawling the pages for search engines.
1-22-23: Been a long time since I did anything with this site. Don't know if I can even access it anymore. Looks like the host is putting ads on my site. Adding a photography section as that's my current hobby.
11-8-20: Turns out my ad blocker and Firefox's improved privacy stuff was blocking the ads. Which is a shame because after maybe 10 years of Adsense participation I'm at $97 earned. The minimum for payout is $100. I'm learning from Google Analytics that the Samurai pages are getting equal attention as the drone pages, which is good because it took a day or two to prepare them. The site gets a visit or two a day. I have no plans to "modernize" (means complicate) the site, just want it to load fast. Hoping to add more content next year when I hope to have more money and a better working space.
10-6-20: Installed the new Google Analytics tag into all the html pages. I'm not seeing any ads from Google anymore, I think they pulled the plug on my ads just as I was getting to $100 for a payoff. Took many years to get close to $100, I don't know how people get rich doing that. Thinking of adding all the receipts for the parts I put into the Samurai.
9-26-20: Restored the Samurai section and started catching up new info. Would like to add the sources for the parts I installed, and what still needs a work. I'm not flying drones much now, would like to get back to that also when I can.
12-17-16: A new year is coming up, and I decided to remove all the old stuff to make space for new. Freehosting.com has been good for me, but free space is limited. I haven't done anything with the other interests is years, so it's time to clean up the site.
8-7-16: Things worked just fine for a long time. Then I noticed my mavn.us email stopped working. The MX records to my mail host weren't being updated, and no mail server could find my host. Turns out 000webhost.com's DNS server has been having trouble for some time, according to the user's forum. So today I switched hosting to freehosting.com. Within minutes my mail worked again. Freehosting.com has complaints and detractors also, but I control the domain and the files, so I can always flip it to another host if needed. So far they look great to me. They make money selling additional functions and services I don't need. I'm thinking of trimming the site down again. About the only thing I'm working on these days are the drones.
11-2-15: Have been locked out of the site for a couple of days, after the host got hacked, losing everyone's passwords and personal info. It looks like they disabled the page counter and all the statistic information which I really liked.
10-27-15: After looking at the stats from my great host's site analysis program, I see some interesting developments: First, most people are using Safari, and second, most people are using 430 lines, on a cell phone. I don't know yet how my site looks on a cellphone, I'm an old computer guy. The second more frequent resolution is 1400 lines, on a big monitor. Another thing: The most popular page is Lucy's quadcopter page. This is curious to me because Marcie is a much more interesting aircraft. People are also looking at the old pages, so I better not kill them off.
10-16-15: Added another counter to all the pages, for 000webhost.com. The quadcopter section is really taking over. To make room I remove older stuff. Since there's a link to my YouTube videos on the quad pages, you can contact me there if you have a comment or complaint.
9-25-15: What's the point to this site? It's a technical reference for others who might be working on similar projects. Maybe I can spare someone else the (sometimes expensive) mistakes I constantly seem to make. It's a record of what I did, in case I need to go back and fix something later. And it's a photo album for family and friends who might wanna see what I'm up to these days. This site is G-rated, so even very young folks can learn and enjoy. Sadly most kids are more jaded and worldly than I am, so it's probably a futile effort. Somehow the right to free speech has morphed into the right to offend. Bad taste has become the objective. So I'm striking a blow for boring content. And despite the Google ads, I haven't received a dollar yet of revenue, so it's not a commercial site.
6-12-15: Found to my delight that ATT is no longer blocking my pages. Don't know who to thank, but it's nice to share my decent, moral, and informative blog with anyone who might be interested.
3-3-15: I removed the radio section to make room for more quadcopter info. Wondering if the new "net neutrality" law will compel ATT to un-block this site on their network. I don't object to blocking sites with illegal or dangerous content, but I do object to blocking entire hosts or servers. There is nothing even objectionable to this site. Maybe the American flag bothers American Telephone and Telegraph. According to Google Analytics most of my viewers (about 30%) are in Brazil. This is interesting because I lived there (Salvador, Bahia) for a while, and didn't want to come home. Now I'm very sad to read about things going badly there again. Should have stayed there, was much happier.
12-24-14: BE ADVISED that this domain is currently blacklisted (censored) by ATT, who consider 000webhost.com a "poorly policed" host. 000webhost.com suggests I fix it with ATT myself, which is not possible since I can't control the activities of other sites on this shared server or IP number. If being visible to ATT's clients is important to you, you may want to invest in hosting with a more "policed" (controlled) host. ATT also blocks email from blacklisted domains. This domain is not on any other blacklist as shown on mxtools.com. 000webhost.com should make it obvious that their free hosting (at least) is blacklisted by ATT, or take action to unblock their servers.This is a shame, because 000webhost.com freely provides fast, reliable server space.
11-19-14: Have learned that ATT is blocking this domain for some reason. It works fine at home on Time Warner Cable Internet, but not at work, using ATT Uverse. I wrote them a letter today asking them to unblock it. I've been working a lot on flying robots, my newest interest. There is also some new work on the Zenith G881 radio page. Added Google Analytics code on some of the pages to see if anyone is looking at this.
7-2-14: Removed the Chinese diesel engine and Chrysler Mutineer pages, both are long gone. Made minor changes to the Festiva pages, I'm not seeing many of these on the road anymore either. Might add a generator page, I've just converted mine to propane.
7-2-14: Updated the Samurai / 2014 page. Figured out the problem with my camera, so more pics in future.Still have not made a single dollar from the Google AdSense ads. Ever. Still editing this site with gedit, a plain jane text editor. Old habits die hard.
3-17-14: Finally got around to another update. Not much happening, which is usually just fine.
9-12-13: Someone is spoofing my domain name to send spam, so I removed email links and meta data from all pages. Never got any useful email, in over ten years of operation. Also removed ftp logs and lock files that just take up space. Added some new pics to the Samurai section. Have a great camera now, should replace the terrible pics in the radio section.
7-8-13: Uploaded a Suzuki Samurai section. Working out bugs, then I'll polish it further.
6-13-13: Well it's been a while, but after finding my registrar using my domain for an ad-supported search page, I decided to take control back and hosted the domain on 000webhost.com. Their space is totally free and easy to work with. I don't plan on upgrading, but I do appreciate the space and hope others will subscribe to their service. I plan to add new content and do more with the site.
3-17-09: Re-vamped the home page to reflect increasing focus on bail bonds, added a Twitter widget, and a picture of myself.
2-14-09: Added Bail Bonds to the home page. Removed the embedded video to Pickens Plan. Edited the webcam page also.
11-8-08: Added a page for the Chrysler Mutineer, removed link to the Computer donation program, which is discontinued.
7-9-08: I've been hacked! I went to update my Diesel page today, and found hundreds of new pages had been added to the site, all with links to malicious websites. I deleted all the files and changed all my passwords. Will be checking the site more often to make sure it stays clean.
6-11-08: Updated the home page, put a USB webcam back on.
1-6-08: Got the site re-hosted at Godaddy.com after previous host disappeared without notice, taking this site and my email down for a month. Was easier than I expected, but had to pay for the year's hosting again. Today I removed computer and notary business advertising from the home page, and added some pages on my new project, the 1980 Ford Mustang.
10-16-07: So the Google ads have netted about $8, which is more than I expected. Thanks to anyone who clicked on one. The big winners are the 1979 Ford F-350 page, and the Jiang Dong R175 Stationary Diesel Engine page. I zapped the Bugzapper Webcam when I plugged it into my solar power system, which is 12 volts instead of 5. Now looking for an affordable replacement.
7-9-07:: Added Google Ad-sense ads to try and recover costs of hosting. I'm paying about $85 a year in hosting fees, not including all the time it takes to update pages. Returned some content I had removed earlier, specifically the Ford Festiva pages, 1979 Ford F-350 pages, the Biking pages, and the Old Radio pages. Why do I insist on cluttering the internet with this stuff? Because it might be useful to someone out there, and to bring in some ad revenue. When I was working on the Festiva I would have killed for some of that information, just the pictures of how it went together before I messed with it. I have received a couple of nice emails from people about these pages, and one or two bitchy ones. I didn't put any ads on the Donation project pages, because I want to keep it completely non-commercial. Unfortunately the Google ads seem to trigger the security alerts in IE, but it's unavoidable. The Webcam uses Java and triggers alarms also.
5-21-07: Embedded the streaming video webcam into the webcam page, removed the still webcam. Left the link to the free software. Jazzed up the home page with some color, added bullets and some content. Want it to load fast and clean.
3-20-07: Major changes to website, removed most of the original content. Removing content will break links below, but need to make room for new stuff.
7-30-06: Removed Javascript code to add to favorites from home page, was tripping IE security alert which is annoying. Added blacklist and lovelist pages to warn friends about outstandingly good and bad companies.
7-23-06: After the annual suspension for non-payment and restoral, I guess it's time to reorganize the site again. Adding some new content from my $19 ION digital camera from Target. Doing away with the personal subpage, as the commercial side never produced anything anyway. Cleaned up most of the old vehicle information, saved the Festiva pages because there might be some useful info there. Saved the DVD section because it just too so long to create. Links to Amazon probably all broken, will have to check.
6-23-05: Site restored after outage. Didn't pay on time, cut off. I guess $86 bucks isn't worth a phone call these days. Going to run a link checker on the whole site and fix broken links.
5-6-05: Once again the host changed the site log access without notice, so I've removed the non-functional link. They also complained about excessive space use, so I removed CJ's pictures to save space.
2-15-05: The access logs show that some "adult" blog site is generating lots of referrals to this site, so I moved Christopher's site to a passworded section. If they're interested in hiking or pickup trucks, more power to 'em. Hoping it's just a log error. Added a page for the 1985 Mercury Marquis I just bought.
1-23-05: Have started working on the site again, adding a webcam.
8-4-04: Site statistics page was moved again without notice. Fixed.
6-19-04: Found the truck from "Duel" during my bike ride this morning. The page is now gone.
6-17-04: Bought another Festiva yesterday, didn't take long to shoot some pics and set up it's own page.
6-04-04: Removed links to affiliates, makes pages load faster. Modified the bikes pages, dropping the camping gear pages which were a mess. Modified the DVD page, personal page.
4-14-04: Modified home page to remove vehicle and entertainment links, which were moved to my personal page. Finally improved communications to redirect the toll-free number to my cellphone instead of taking voicemail and paging me (sometimes). Goodbye Verizon, Hello Nextel.
1-31-04: Thanks to whoever bought "Rocketship XM", this site netted another 75 cents. That brings the grand total for 2003 to $1.47, not bad for a few hundred hours' work. Hoping all the interest in the ULC page isn't a bad sign. I took down the Hampster page when they were given away, and Ebay auction images to save server space. Site is still "idling" till I have money to do more.
1-16-04: Giving up on affiliate programs. Leaving the existing DVD and sports pages up for public interest. Changing direction of the company toward services. Added favicon link in all headers, gotta improve the custom icon.
12-10-03: Noticed that the wood stoves pages were attracting a lot of attention, and there wasn't much there, so I updated it with some links to current sources of those items. Just added a link to the sites statistics so you can see what people are looking at, many interesting details. Reformatted all the RV pages, added some descriptions to the pictures. Updated my personal page, removing the link to radios, which have mostly been sold, and the webcam.
10-25-03: Recently reworked the Festiva page, which is the most popular page on the site. Moved the page into a different folder, which required a forwarding page. Also split the page into the original (destroyed) car and it's replacement. Have settled on a standard for enlargable pictures, using 640 x 480 for large, and 320 x 280 for the "thumbnail", which is large enough for a good look by itself.
9-14-03: Ebay auction for CJ's bike ended, converted page to permanent use in the biking section. Added watermarks, set up pages for each bike, plan on adding detailed pics of other bikes to match.
9-1-03: Added links to Festiva and F-350 on home page.
8-25-03: Changing address to Las Vegas. Replacing the address in all the pages was easy, but uploading them all is more difficult due to the complicated directory structure the site uses. So it'll take a while to get them all uploaded, sub by sub.
8-17-03: Reworked CJ's entire site to fit MAVN's format. Recreated the thumbnails, and put them in separate directories to prevent disasterous watermarking errors. Added new pics taken with Toshiba PDR-T10 camera, which are much better. Resized the artwork down to fit on a 800x600 screen. Sorted by year instead of "event". Would like to sort the "child", "toddler" and "infant" by year also, but not sure when these pics were taken.
7-30-03: Received report from Amazon.com that hundreds of man-hours have finally paid off. Site cleared $.74 in gross commissions. At this rate I should receive a $10 check in about 15 years.
7-26-03: Removed link to delivery page, for the moment. Still providing delivery service from Van Nuys to Barstow CA, with stops on the way during weekends, but plans to expand beyond that on hold for a while. New digital camera will provide lots of new content to the site. Interested in finding affiliates for Festiva-related equipment, it's a very popular page on the site.
6-18-03: Added a watermark to all images I created, at least if they're hijacked they can still direct folks back here. This was done with a freeware product called PictureShark, which you can download HERE. Review for Miracle Mile generated the most traffic lately.
5-27-03: Delivery page. Removed direct link to Festiva page, moving outdoor-related pages to an Outdoor page.
5-17-03: Added a pic of the Motiv to the bike page.
5-8-03: Set up a new template for hiking pages. This standardizes the information each hike will provide, and makes it easier to complete each page, just like the DVD pages. Will have to re-hike each trail, reshoot new pictures, and research other sites and books for each trail. Intend to duplicate this technique with the equipment pages eventually. Putting the last roll from the Canon AE1 in for processing. Looking for a digital camera.
5-7-03: Fixed an embarrasing error on many pages that caused "page not found" on the privacy, terms, and disclaimer links at the bottom of each page. Added keywords to all the hiking pages.
5-4-03: Thinking carefully about the direction this site should take. I can see there is interest in LA area outdoor recreation, and I'd like to focus the site more clearly on that. I'd like to develop more current and complete information on the trails and parks in the LA area. And I'd like to provide it all free to anyone interested. There is a lot of interest in the Ford Festiva, which I use for courier contracting. I was thinking of publishing illustrated articles on Festiva repairs, or maybe the contracting business. I don't do a lot of camping, but I love the equipment, which is also great for emergencies. The camping equipment pages have to be expanded out, including demo reports on all the different products.
4-27-03: Added some pics to the Biking page. Have more of the Motiv bike in the camera, undeveloped, for months. Adding keywords to aid search engines. Notice a lot of visitors looking at the local hikes, a great excuse to re-hike and re-shoot them. It's pretty clear I'm not going to get rich off this site, but I still enjoy providing the information. I've got to get a decent digital camera. The last cheap one I bought took terrible pics (seen on some of the hiking pages). The Canon AE-1 is just too heavy to drag up and down hills, and leaks light. The most popular page is the Festiva page. I've added some sound snippets to the DVD pages. Just a second or two to bring back the feel of the film. Since these are reviews, and I'm trying to market their DVD's, I hope the companies who own them will support this. I'm also adding the flag uniformly to each page.

3-19-03: Added links to new DVD's at Amazon.com, and added more comment.
3-15-03: Adding the site address to the back of the Festiva tripled the hit count for last night. I updated the new DVD entries, still need links to them on Amazon.
3-7-03: Removed phone number from all pages.
2-23-03: Site traffic is increasing, as I publicize the DVD reviews I worked on for months. I modified the intro to be a little more formal and professional. Thought I had broken links on the cover page, but found that an anti-spam HOSTS file I put on my system was blocking those links. I'm going to modify the 404 error page, and the other error pages, adding an email link so people can advise me of problems. I should set up a link check schedule also, instead of waiting for reports. So far nobody's complained, but some of my hiking pages are quite old. The next step is to add product-specific links to some of the outdoor equipment vendors.
2-6-03: Added the partners page to the home page. Since all other pages link to the parners page, I updated it also. Was a major effort to complete the DVD pages, and that was writing about DVD's I have and know. Now I have to go through the affiliate's sites and see what's really great. Added animated flag graphic, 13k in size. This is a US corporation operated by and for US citizens. We emphasize US made products, and we're unapologetically AMERICAN. It's just a shame that everything seen here isn't made here also, something to work toward.
12-12-02: You wouldn't believe how much time it takes to spin up those DVD review pages. I've got 24% of them done, after getting a format I can live with. I can find fault with anything, including some really fine films that I've reviewed. I just hope my pickyness doesn't drive people away from buying a copy for themselves. I wouldn't give up my copy of these films for love or money, each one is important to me. But I gotta be honest when I review something, so I nit-pick a little. I must put an hour into each one, and I've got 75 in the collection to date. Still trying to get them done as fast as possible. Then I can start with the hiking pages.

12-1-02: 1. The IP camera is off again, both because my system had to be moved to another room, and because the ISP is complaining about wierd packets alarming their firewall. I'm pretty sure it's not the camera now, so it may come back this week. I've cancelled my DSL line, so the camera won't be available all the time anyway. I received no email commenting on it so it's probably no loss. 2. The ENTERTAINMENT section is starting to take shape. Instead of trying to review and link to every movie ever made, I'm only focusing on those I own and know best. I've got that list compiled, linked to individual pages, and links from there to Amazon.com's page for each product. Next I have to complete the reviews. 3. I had planned on merging my personal pages with this site, but my pages are framed, and these are not (which took a lot of extra effort). So I'm keeping them separate. My personal site is HERE, if you're interested in my RV or my Ford Festiva.
11-6-02: IP camera returns.
You can log on as "Guest", with no password, or if that's already in use, try your first name with no password. I've set up accounts for most people I know. There can be 64 users, but all must log on with a different name.
9-08-02: Worked on the Camping / Stoves page today. Also sent off some emails to vendors I'm not partnered with asking if I can lift pictures of their products, or partner with them. These pages aren't done yet, I still want to link to specific partner's sites. But at least there's more than a template there. It took all day to do just that little section.
8-27-02: Have been busy building a whole structure here. You can't see it yet, but I'm defining both the look and marketing direction of the site. I'm pointing more toward my personal interests, and applying lots of content I generated for personal sites on those interests. Why not market what interests me most? I just updated the biking page, which gives you an idea of what I want the site to do. I need more pictures of course, but it takes a day to build up a page the way I want it. The entertainment section may take weeks to complete. In some cases I'll go episode by episode of my favorite TV shows. Not having frames means each page's links have to be set up manually, but then there's more flexibility. I've got emails out to some partners asking how to refer to specific items on their pages, and for permission to use their pics. I want the site kept intentionally plain, both to minimize loading time, and to unclutter the look. The black on white paper look I like from The Drudgereport.
8-23-02: Taking mundane disclaimers off the link section (left of page) and moving to the bottom of each page. Taking the javascript that allows adding to favorites off all but the index page. Moved Affiliates to it's own page, since it's growing longer. Put them in a table to group better. Removing contact page completely, all the contact info is on each page! Adding email link on each page.
8-22-02: Finally signed up some carefully selected affiliates. I'll be setting up links to those items on their sites that I think you should consider. These are mostly vendors I use myself, so I know that they deliver what you expect in a reasonable period of time.
8-17-02: I've changed the site to non-frames, and added a "site news" page to document how the site is developing. I'll be publishing a monthly newsletter or "ezine" both to market what I find interesting, and to discuss current events. Email me to receive it. I've decided to market products to help people cope with rapidly changing global events. I'm not interested in politics, just helping people prepare for whatever comes.
Some products I'm considering:
Web-enabled products (like the streaming webcam on the VidCam page) that allow you to control and monitor things on the web.
Obsolete computer components.
Vintage or collectable electronic products.
Solar / Wind power generation systems.
Water and air filtration systems.
Electric and pedal-powered transportation.
8-16-02: Removing frames from the site to allow search engines to index it completely. This should make it load faster, and allow buggy / older browsers to work better also. Added a "site news" page for people interested in the development of the site itself, maybe you can learn as I do. Now I can keep these as a permanent part of the site.

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